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Bookkeeping Services in Grande Prairie

Modern Edge Bookkeeping provides exceptional bookkeeping services for entrepreneurs!
Our expertise, your benefit!

That’s our aim at Modern Edge Bookkeeping, and we provide our services with a passion that drives us to excellence.
We understand the struggles of a business. Entrepreneurs in charge of a business that’s either a start up or a veteran in the industry are aware of the hurdles that come across when reducing finance and accounting costs. Now you have a solution that provides adequate help!
Be it bookkeeping, consulting or accounts receivable management services, the expert team at Modern Edge Bookkeeping have your back.

Trust our expert consulting and accounts receivable services to ensure financial wellbeing of your business today!

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Meet Tia Chabot and Her Team

Tia and her team of qualified, experienced and dedicated workers are here to help your business succeed financially. Over the years Tia’s expertise has helped countless businesses become the power houses they are today around the Grande Prairie area. At Modern Edge, we’re not just Grande Prairie Bookkeepers, we’re small and local business builders. We take pride in ensuring that new business in Grande Prairie is both successful, and productive in the community.

Our Core Values



Detail Oriented

Work Life Balance

Tia Chabot


A Competitive Team

With years of experience in the banking industry, franchises, inter-provincial companies, and interrelated companies, the team at Modern Edge Bookkeeping has the required skills to ease your bookkeeping concerns. We work closely with multiple CPAs in Grande Prairie and consult with them to ensure your books are done right the first time.

Flat Fee or Hourly

Modern Edge Bookkeeping provides pricing on an hourly basis as well as a flat fee option for companies that are budget conscious. Set up an appointment today to speak about your needs and find the pricing model that suits you!

Accredited Company

We have certifications from the Canadian Payroll Association, Institute of Professional Bookkeepers of Canada, and Bachelor of Commerce designation abbreviation.

Modern Edge Bookkeeping meets the unique requirements of businesses across all industries!

At Modern Edge Bookkeeping, we value our clients and that’s why we provide flexible options that cater to a pool of clients. Combining information technology and analytics, we provide business insights to entrepreneurs so that they can potentially save on operational costs. Here are some of the conveniences we provide our clients.

  • Liaison between account or CRA for no additional cost.
  • Allow clients to book keep the way they want, be it digital or on paper.
  • Pay interest and penalties for any missed filings that we’re responsible for.
  • Store all documents for 10 years and purge them responsibly to protect your privacy.
  • Assign a dedicated account manager directly to your account for a focused approach.

The professionals at Modern Edge Bookkeeping strive to meet your individual business needs and are trained in all aspects of bookkeeping. Work with us and enjoy premium bookkeeping services in town! Reach out to us at (780) 832-1834 for more information.